Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My nineteenth slice-of-life...


Honestly, life's been an absolute whirlwind the last week --- I was in Chicago, now I'm home, and then my family will be traveling for Thanksgiving.  I'm still looking forward to reflecting with my session notes, a chai, my tunes, and memories from the complete NCTE experience because it was marvelous (and that may be an understatement).  I'm sure from this content there will be many posts forthcoming, but for now...to keep in the spirit of the season I'm sharing an NCTE list of thankfulness!

I am thankful...

for the friends with whom I reconnected.
for the new ones I met.
for the slicers with whom I was lucky enough to share breakfast.
for the people who joined our session.
(It was early Saturday morning and the conference room was just shy of polar.)
for my presenting colleague who knew we could do it...and we did.
for the countless topics that pushed my thinking.
for the contagious buzz which filled convention spaces.
for the hotel that graciously upgraded us to executive level.
(So, yes, Virginia --- there is a hotel with two bathrooms per room to make mornings a snap!)
for the historic city which served as an inspiring backdrop.
for the limo driver who picked up the whole National Geographic dinner crew
for the Roy's charred filet mignon I couldn't stop eating.
for the signed copy of 10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know.
(I'm looking forward to a little holiday reading...)
for my new picture book, The Bracelet.
(Do you know this story?  What a tear-jerker!)
for my rekindled drive to do more, learn more, and be more.

Just like Lilly in Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, all I can say now is, "Wow." 
(I can't wait to reflectively take it all in...)

Write on,


  1. I think "wow" is perfectly acceptable and fitting!

    Great to meet you too CapeWriter!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Your enthusiasm spills over and I can't wait to hear more. Rest up, you've caught up in a whirlwind of learning.

  3. It's a beautiful list, showing so much excitement for your past week. I'm looking forward to more, too. I liked the style you created in the post, and the little asides were fun extras. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I love your last thankful item the best -- "the rekindled drive to do more, and be more" is the perfect way to sum up that wonderfully inspired/excited feeling that comes after participating in meaningful, high-quality PD!

  5. I echo JenniferM, that line: "for my rekindled drive to do more, learn more, and be more" perfectly captures the feeling of drunken goodness I got from the NCTE convention. It reminds me of the line from Dead Poets' Society when they are in the cave. It is similar to your words and their rhythm. Your line is just as inpsiring! It was great to meet you-- I am glad your presentation went well.


  6. Marvelous. Wow. Brilliant. I love your poetic reflection and your crafted ending. So wonderful to meet you. :)MHG


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