Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My sixteenth slice-of-life story...

Where do we go from here?

Anyone who knows me knows I'm always thinking ahead... So, it wasn't surprising that when I found this delightful little play rug (pictured above) at Ikea last summer, I snatched it up in preparation for my toddler's eventual 'big boy' room.  Ever since, it's been stashed underneath our guest bed poised for unveiling.

But, instead of being the highlight of Reid's new grown-up space like I had planned...now, it's the centerpiece of his makeshift room in our apartment. 

And, it's poetic... You see, last week we moved out of our first home.  In lieu of the excitement that could envelope the whole experience like a warm hug because a new, more family-friendly house awaited us, we still feel loss...confusion...stress. 

We miss our yard, our cozy cottage with personality plus, our routines there.
Where is that house we see in our minds' eye as the place we'll grow this family?
Will we find it before our short-term lease expires?

As I lovingly arranged Reid's new room before he discovered our apartment, my $14.99 rug splurge acted more like a resounding gong...calling me to reflect with each inch unrolled. 

Will we end up in a neighborhood near a school like this one drawn here?
Will we be close to major highways for a quick commute?
Which shops and restaurants will be in our new neighborhood?

I'm still waiting; I have no answers.  We've lived here one week.  But, I have vision.  I have faith.  And, I know when we finally arrive at the home that's perfect for us...the trip's rough spots will be glossy memories on my heart's tablet.

In the meantime, I guess we'll just enjoy racing matchbox cars around our rug that's a half-step closer to anchoring its intended space.  While we do, I'll be dreaming...

Write on,


  1. Well, I don't know all the circumstances, but imagine that you will work them out & it all will be good. Remember the heart is the home, not the other way around. I bet that rug will see some good playtime no matter where it is. (We just got an Ikea store & I still haven't been. You made me want to go all the more.)

  2. I love the back and forth conversation in your writing. I'm glad you kept the rug - we all need "centering" objects in new spaces.


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